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Successful Water Production from Fuqian Well in Xuanwei, Yunnan Province
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    The project of "hydrogeological survey of the South and North Panjiang River Basin" carried out by Institute of karst geology of China Geological Survey Bureau of the Ministry of natural resources in Jike village, Reshui Town, Xuanwei City, Yunnan Province, has successfully produced water recently. In late May, the project team arranged drilling sites in hot water town, Dongshan Town and Luoshui town through field investigation and analysis and geophysical exploration in combination with the demand of severe water shortage areas in Xuanwei City. They deployed drilling in Jike village with full power. Finally, the water was discharged from the borehole successfully, with a water inflow of 256 cubic meters per day. After pumping test and water quality analysis, the water quality meets the class II drinking water standard. Next, the project team will hand over the drilling to the local government to provide drinking water and irrigation water for 1000 people nearby.


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