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"Geological" Characteristic Village
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    In 2013, the project team held several meetings with the former Department of land and resources of Zhejiang Province, the former Bureau of land and resources of Shaoxing City and Shengzhou City, and carried out the investigation and evaluation of geological environment and resources in Tongyuan Township with geological and cultural characteristics. The experts explored the combination of geological heritage resources, characteristic agricultural resources and cultural tourism resources, and integrated geological culture and rural culture, geological stories and village stories, agricultural geology and farming culture, environmental geology and villagers' life, and finally formed the "construction plan of geological and cultural village in Tongyuan Township, Shengzhou City". In 2014, under the guidance of China Geological Survey, former Zhejiang Provincial Department of land and resources and geological experts, baiyenkeng village opened the road to the construction of China's first geological and cultural village.
    After more than three years of construction, a geological and cultural village integrating the protection of geological relics, the production and marketing of characteristic agricultural products, and the development of cultural and tourism resources has been preliminarily completed.
    Under the promotion of the geological and cultural village construction project, Shengzhou City has upgraded the infrastructure of baiyenkeng village and its surrounding areas, such as road traffic, power and sewage treatment, implemented the whole village lighting project, built a new parking lot, hardened the village roads, re planted 5000 square meters of land, transformed 7000 square meters of rural houses, and created 20 star set camping and products It is a B & B with quality living, cultural leisure, fitness and health care, farming experience.


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