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The Ministry of Natural Resources Guides the Prevention of Ground Disasters in Heavy Rainfall Areas
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    Since the flood season, continuous heavy rainfall in some southern provinces has caused geological disasters. On July 3, the Ministry of natural resources dispatched three additional working groups to assist in disaster prevention. Up to now, since the flood season, the Ministry of natural resources has sent 24 working groups to guide local governments to carry out the work of preventing geological disasters. In order to strengthen the prevention and control of geological disasters in flood season, the Ministry of natural resources has established a system of experts stationed in flood season. According to the needs of the work, the Ministry sent expert groups to all provinces to guide and urge the local authorities to implement their responsibilities and assist in the daily disaster prevention work. In case of any disaster, the expert group will rush to the scene to carry out work at the first time. On July 4, the Ministry of natural resources went to Chongqing working group and local geological experts went to the site to guide and assist in relevant work, and successfully early warning and disposal of a landslide disaster in Sanquan Town, Nanchuan district. Since the flood season, the Ministry of natural resources has asked the natural resources departments at all levels to strengthen the mass monitoring and prevention system, implement the responsibility, do a good job in flood season monitoring and early warning, and make full preparations for disaster prevention.


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