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Zhangye Geopark Successfully Upgraded to the World Geopark
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    The reporter learned from the 209th session of the Executive Board of UNESCO held recently that after strict examination, 15 Geoparks in the world have been approved as world geoparks, and Zhangye Geopark is on the list. After Dunhuang Geopark, Gansu Province has added a New World Geopark.
    Zhangye Geopark, with a total area of 1289.71 square kilometers, is located at the first step boundary of the transition from Qinghai Tibet Plateau to Inner Mongolia Plateau and the middle part of the north slope of Qilian mountain main vein. The south part of the park is the main vein of Qilian Mountain, and the nine spring ophiolite Suites in the southwest are the important material components of the oceanic crust 500 million years ago, which truly records the evolution process of the ancient Qilian ocean into the Qilian Mountain. In addition, the colorful hills are like colorful silk dancing on the Hexi Corridor, which is one of the world's geoscience wonders; the unique window lattice like palace Danxia is a typical representative of Danxia Landform in the arid area of northern China. The park has the only complex area of Danxia landform and colorful hilly landscape in China, which is known as "God's palette", and has been selected as "the world's top ten magical geographical wonders" by National Geographic magazine of the United States.
    The colored hills of Zhangye Geopark have high value of scientific investigation and tourism. However, scientists have different views on the genetic mechanism of typical geological phenomena in the colored hills, and the research on the basic geological conditions such as landscape material basis, regional structure and rock structure is relatively weak.


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