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Safety Net for Geological Disaster Prevention and Control in Taihu County, Anhui Province
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    Although the recent flood control situation along the Yangtze River, disasters continue, but Taihu County did not cause major geological disasters due to rainstorm. The prevention and control of geological disasters is closely related to the safety of people's lives and property. Therefore, Taihu county insists on early arrangement, early deployment and early implementation, and implements various prevention and control measures for geological disasters.
    In order to grasp the potential geological hazard points in time, Taihu County implemented mass survey and prevention and dynamic early warning. According to the requirements, each township has implemented a group survey and Prevention Monitor for the potential geological hazard points one by one. They carry out daily inspection and monitoring work on the potential geological hazard points. When dangerous situations are found, they can send out early warning signals in time, report the dangerous situation quickly, and cooperate with the local and relevant departments to do a good job in the work of risk aversion transfer, self rescue and mutual rescue of residents in dangerous areas.
    The reporter has learned that in recent years, Taihu County has firmly grasped the key points of geological disaster prevention and control, based on the geological disaster prevention plan and emergency plan, with the mass survey and prevention and early warning and prediction as the main means, the old Adobe houses and slope building houses as the key points, and the relocation or treatment of key geological hazard risk points as the breakthrough point, so as to avoid and reduce the geological disasters to the maximum extent To promote the sustainable development of local economy and society.


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