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Hunan Geological Disaster Prevention and control expert group carries out emergency work of geological disaster in flood season
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    The Wuhan geological survey center set up an expert group stationed in Hunan to help with the emergency work of geological disasters in flood season. As of July 21, 576 geological disasters have occurred in Hunan Province, causing 10 deaths and 7 injuries, resulting in direct economic losses of 135.34 million yuan. In view of the leijiashan landslide in Shimen County, the expert group suggested to strengthen the landslide site control and strictly control the pedestrians and vehicles entering the dangerous area. Strengthen the site and surrounding slope stability investigation, timely release warning information. According to the inspection situation, the scope of dangerous areas should be reasonably delimited.
    In view of Leita rock collapse in Yongshun County, the expert group proposed to check the overall stability of collapse accumulation body and soft soil subgrade stability, analyze the collapse mechanism, investigate the development of hidden karst, fully demonstrate the possibility of forming barrier lake by collapse body. On the premise of ensuring construction safety, the collapse accumulation body (rock block) shall be demolished and decomposed, and the transportation and treatment shall be organized Before that, special shifts should be set up to strengthen deformation monitoring and road traffic control.


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