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Jiangsu Provincial Geological Survey Institute Helps to Prevent and Control Geological Disasters
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    Recently, there have been several rounds of heavy rainfall in Jiangsu Province, resulting in geological disasters in many places. In order to do a good job in the technical support of geological disaster emergency in Jiangsu Province, the Geological Survey Institute of Jiangsu Province has helped the province to achieve no casualties caused by geological disasters for 16 consecutive years. Before the flood season, the Geological Survey Institute of Jiangsu Province has carried out the verification work on the hidden danger points of important geological disasters in the whole province, verifying the information of dangerous and dangerous hidden danger points point by point, and submitting the verification results to all cities.
    Since the flood season, as the geological disaster emergency technical guidance center of Jiangsu Provincial Department of natural resources, the Institute strictly implements the system of special personnel on duty, and carries out daily inspection on the hidden danger points and high-risk sections of important geological disasters. Members of the commando team went to the areas with serious disasters to assist the local natural resources department in carrying out geological disaster inspection before, during and after the rain, so as to achieve early inspection, early monitoring, early warning and early risk avoidance.


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